Exhilarating Ideas for Home Decor – Because Each Home Has A Story To Tell!

“I’m a designer who loves to decorate the home with utmost simplicity yet to display the grandeur; I take charge of the things in my life as well as in the home, showcasing my timeless love for perfection,” say most women. Decorating your home the way you like only increases your affinity towards the things that you’ve chosen, thus creating a more personal touch to the interior.

“Home Decor is nothing but a method of alchemy, to mutate the generic, the quotidian, or just plain unworkable into- Something more beautiful, something rarer and something that’s more usable!”

To establish a beautiful interior it is important to choose the right home pieces, things that will not only accentuate the existing but will also add an entirely new look to the home. Remember, each home has a story to tell and your home decor pieces do that for you.

Here are the home decor pieces that add a charismatic look to the interior-

1. Lamps & Lanterns - Add fervor to your home and life by introducing an exciting range of lamps and lanterns, a symbol light, optimism and of course ethereal beauty. Here’s what you can buy -

  • Candle Stands - Prepare your home for a beautiful night with a marvelous collection of candles and candle stands, a unique home decor item, chosen by a few who love to embellish their home with masterpieces.
  • Lamps - To complement the urban and rural touch, a lamp is all you need to add to your list of decor pieces for your home. Buy traditional lamps and bring them in symphony with the contemporary look of the home.

2. Wall Decor - To create decorative and pleasing walls it is important that you choose the right wall decor pieces, each casting its unique look and importance in the room. Here’s what you can buy -

  • Photo Frames - Your life is full of heartwarming memories, and each picture that speaks of those memories deserves to be displayed in an absolute photo frame.
  • Wall Hangings - As beautiful as the name, the wall hangings are not only used to hang you keys and clothes, but also to add a somewhat appealing look to the mundane walls of the home.

3. Decor Seating - Giving your guests a generic yet pleasing place to settle down definitely wins a lot of compliments for you, and the adequate decor seating is exactly what it takes. Here are the options for you -

  • Stools – Traditional as they sound, stools are a perfect decor item for homes that want to stick to the generic touch or even for homes that like to blend the old and the new.
  • Ottomans & Pouffes – Adding colorful ottomans & pouffes in your home will certainly add a majestic touch to your interior because these colorful units add brightness and sparkle to the empty home.

4. Antiques – Antiques are always pleasing, taking you down the memory lane and helping you memorize all those beautiful days that you’ve lived. Here’s something that might please you a bit -

  • Magazine Racks - Buy antique magazine racks for your age old collection of magazines, and every time you pull out a magazine from the rack, you’ll think of the many ways this rack has simplified your life.
  • Figurines – Add a classy ambiance to the room with a few figurines, each exaggerating the look of your house, decked for almost any occasion.

5. Antique Furniture - As I said earlier, antiques make you remember the old, and if it’s all about fond remembrances, then what can be better than adding antique furniture pieces to your home decor list.

  • Antique Table & Antique Chairs - For the undocked look in the house, it is best that you add a few antique chairs and a table to your list of home decor pieces. These antiques create a striking look at the house with a lot of ease, thus creating a sophisticated yet ethereal look in the room. It is recommended that you choose the right antique chairs and an antique table for your living room for the fabulous look.

Adding one of more of these decor units mentioned above will indeed add a charming look to your home, thus developing a more positive outlook in your life, simply because each unit has a story to tell. So bring out the designer within you and buy these units to make the house look like “Home”.

Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

In our modern world, home improvement and decoration have become a fascinating necessity. Everybody loves to come home to a clean, well-decorated and refreshing interior décor. But brightening up a home is never easy. It demands your creativity, skills and preferences.

With the ever-increasing essence of home decoration, you can gain thorough knowledge by going through a plethora of sources. To name a few, magazines and online-based home décor sites are some useful sources. Apart from this, you can get new ideas by exploring a number of homes manually. For instance, visiting your friends’ or relatives’ home and checking their home décor style is always an effective idea.

When it comes to your home, it has three major areas; namely – living room, bedroom and bathroom. To ensure proper decoration of home, you should focus on each area on the basis of priority. Moreover, the three sections require different types of decoration ideas. Hence, here’s how you can brighten up your home sequentially.

As the living room is the area where your guests sit, you should begin with the decoration of this section. To start with, you should buy attractive, designer sofa sets that pushes the wall colour into the background. The furniture should fit well in your living room so that the guests can sit comfortably for hours. After this, you can decorate the floor with carpets and the walls with artistic frames. Moreover, you can place attractive flower vases or electric fountains beside the furniture to amuse the guests.

After the living room, it’s time to decorate your bedroom. Bedroom decoration involves various things such as the bedding, curtains, table lamps and time piece. To begin with the bedding, your bed should have comfortable and elegant bed sheet. It should go well with the room’s theme and provide comfort to everybody who chooses to rest. Apart from it, the curtains should offer utmost privacy so that no one can see what is happening in the room from outside. You can further improve the appearance of your bedroom by covering your empty walls with an elegant time piece, photo frame or wall sticker.

When it comes to bathroom décor, you need attractive wall tiles, a splendid shower curtain and some vibrant bathroom accessories. Moreover, the bathroom should have a fresh feel, so that you can spend quality time while taking a shower.

Brightening up your home is a creative procedure that improves with regular practice. You should look out for the best interior décor ideas to master the art of brightening up your home.

Hottest Home Decorating Trends of 2014

Whether you’re looking for home decorating ideas to give your house a trendy makeover or if you’re doing up your house for the first time, mirrors should be an integral part of your decor. Not only are they versatile with any number of finishes but when combined with different kinds of stylish frames, they can lend artistic appeal to just about any room. And let’s not forget the open, spacious impression that mirrors can add even to the most compact of rooms. The hottest home decorating designs of 2014 easily incorporate mirrors and here’s how–

Combination of Metals

While in the past, decorators preferred to work with only one metal finish in every room, the trend is now leaning more towards a combination of metals. You will often see rooms that have a decor of both gold and silver that are blended seamlessly for a flawless finish. So, if you’re looking for the perfect mirror to go with this combination, look for a mirror frame that has both gold and silver in it. Depending on the usage of each metal in your room, you could go for say, a predominant silver look with just a hint of gold that looks oh so elegant.

Antique Furniture

Using a single piece of antique furniture like a chest, grandfather clock or a dresser adds depth to your room. And many designers like to create a rustic or antique nook in a contemporary setting that has a very stylish appeal. You can pair a beautiful piece of furniture you have with a framed mirror that matches the wood finish of the desk or chest you have. Simply pick a home decor mirror frame from the traditional or ornate collection available today.

Color of Brass

The warm, earthy tones of brass is another base around which the newest home decor ideas are woven. And designers are using period furniture from the 18th century, also called Campaign furniture, that has brass edgings and trimmings. They may also use a piece of furniture that is entirely crafted out of aged brass that has a more muted finish and look as compared to the brightness of gold. Again, you can use mirrors with an antique finish or with frames that complement the furniture you have in your room.

Elements form the East

Another hot new DIY home decor idea is to add a decorative touch from ancient China or the Middle East to an all-out western room. While the obvious choice would be to pick up a piece of pottery or a painting or perhaps, some wall tapestry, why not try something different. Put up a mirror with an oriental frame with pagodas or use a mirror as a background with a Middle Eastern inspired grid to cover it.

Try Texture

Using wood and different types of fabrics in your home decor is the typical way to do up your home. But if you would like to try something different, try rattan furniture. Rattan with its woven look adds a touch of coziness and warmth to your home. Buy dining chairs in rattan or perhaps, foot stools and when you add a touch of lacquer polish to the piece, the end result is an eye-catching piece of furniture that is a sure conversation starter. Offset your rattan weaves with a framed mirror in a rustic finish.

With all these hot home decorating ideas for small homes and large out there, you can choose those which you can blend with your existing decor. If you are starting with a fresh canvas, just pick the idea that appeals the most to you. And if you need assistance with the mirrors you need for your decor, look around your local store or check online stores that deliver the custom mirrors you need. Most have designs that will match every trend possible.